CARD USB Pen Drive

Credit Card or Business Card Shaped Pen Drives Wholesale in India

Store your data in style with Credit Card Pen Drives. Using card shaped pen drives for your own promotion can be a trick that might do wonders in terms of ‘branding’. In modern times, external data storage can be a perfect tool for mankind for securely transferring data from one device to another. To address this need, a high-speed USB flash drive is the best go-to gadget for it. Therefore, in order to leave a great impact on your target audience along with branding your company, promotional credit card, visiting card or business card shaped pen drives is the best option. Also, the perfect gift to give away on occasion. Along with card pen drive, we have the rich pen drive collection in Metal pen drive, Wooden pen drive, Wristband style pen drives and many more.

Branded Thin Card Pen Drives in Wholesale

We address your requirements and ensure to give your brand a presence as per your needs. Being among the leading card pen drive and custom shape pen drive wholesaler in India, we make sure to give you the most promising product with a range of pen drives having the memory capacity: 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB & 128GB. In addition, our double-sided logo branding is unique and popular among our customers who constantly look for best wholesale corporate branding products in India. Buy credit card USB drive wholesale and see your savings growing tremendously - buying in bulk saves a lot.

What Makes Card USB a Perfect Gift in the Corporate Sector?

The card USB is a great catch and can easily be kept within your pocket without being lost or stolen. In addition, there are several other reasons that make it a great gift and a nice gesture to show during your business meets, conferences, events, and other occasions. Some of the features that make ATM type pen drives perfect gift are:

  • The business card USB is for both masses and classes, proudly used by everyone from students to the presidents of an organization.
  • Its compact design makes it handy to carry around.
  • USB drives are used by nearly everyone and giving it as a present to someone will give a positive response to you in the near future.
  • Catches the eye when used or put on the desk or around the wallet.

The more these business card pen drives are used among people, the more visibility and presence of your brand can come forth in the world, offering a priceless recognition to your brand in the future. Business tip alert ⚠️ Gift visiting card pen drives instead of visiting cards and see the hike in people reaching you for business queries.

Buy Custom Branded Thin Flash Drives Online

Credit card type pen drives are the newest trend in the market. Everyone is constantly looking for the same over the internet or online shopping to carry a huge amount of data in their wallets, without being scared of losing it. Even though there are plenty of places where one can simply go but at get the best product and customer service with the comfort of your home. So, if you are planning to go for a summit, seminar, a business conference, corporate event, school/college or anything else that gives you a platform for brand promotion, then don’t wait long and order card pen drive wholesale along with great deals and discounts at Call us at 9920912300 or it would be great to hear from you. Leave your mark in people's memory!!